Trefethen, through its affiliate AmbroseAdvisors, structures, implements and raises financing for ESOP buyout transactions to maximize the benefits to all stakeholders. Our team strives to optimize after-tax proceeds for the selling shareholders and expedite the payout of all transaction proceeds. The transaction allows employees to participate in the upside of the business and motivates the management team through synthetic equity incentives outside the ESOP.

Trefethen is unique and one of the only providers of dual-track financial advisory services. Trefethen utilizes the ESOP transaction value, as a floor price to the M&A sale process. Our team can simultaneously initiate both a sale and an ESOP transaction process to efficiently utilize management resources, perform due diligence and approach potential third-party buyers in the marketplace with an ESOP bid in-hand, while maintaining optionality for as long as practicable. This allows owners to maximize value, evaluate all potential opportunities, evaluate after-tax proceeds of both transactions, the fit with interested parties, ongoing involvement & impact on management while providing an additional negotiating tool with potential buyers.

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